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What gives North End its character is the variety and scale

of nearby parks and open space. The surrounding high-plains

landscape and adjacent Rocky Mountain Arsenal National

Wildlife Refuge inform the places within. From the patterns of
roaming bison and avian migration to the windswept prairies,

everything is inspiration. Resulting in large swaths of rolling
landforms planted with native grasses. Expansive greens that

contrast the clear blue Colorado skies, inviting epic games

of Frisbee. And homes designed to take it all in.
Urban-infill development doesn't always mean development. Sometimes it means
habitat restoration. Green space creation. And natural connectivity. North End will,
in many ways, be Stapleton's greatest example of preservation.

Elongated berms reminiscent of sand hills, once a dominant landform along the Front Range,

characterize The Bluffs landscaping.
Stroll around The Bluffs and you'll see how a park can be much
more than a lawn, and a walk much more than exercise.
Shady pavilions and play structures invite an afternoon of
exploration in the North Commons Lawn.
Making your way around North Prairie Basin's walkway,
expansive views shift from north to west.